ALTERA Cyclone II FPGA Development Board - EP2C5T144

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The EP2C5T144 Altera Cyclone II FPGA is a minimal development board that can be embedded into the practical applications. It can be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from simple logic control, data acquisition, signal processing, mathematical calculations and more.

All the I/Os are routed to standard header pins which can be used to connect peripherals, memories and other expansion modules.



  • Breakout headers for all usable I/O
  • On-board 3.3V & 1.2V regulators.
  • Single 5V power source via 2.1mm DC socket
  • 3x programmable user LEDS connected to pins 3, 7 & 9
  • Power LED
  • On-board 50MHz oscillator connected to pin 17
  • Reset button
  • JTAG interface
  • ASP serial programming interface with on board EPCS4 storage
  • Compatible with the Altera Quartus 2 and free web edition software


FPGA Features

  • Number of Logic Elements: 4608 (16 LE's per block)
  • Number of 4K bit memory blocks: 26 (119,808 total bits)
  • Number of embedded multipliers: 13 (can be configured as 2 x 9 bit or 1 x 18 bit)
  • Number of PLL's: 2
  • Maximum usable IO: 89



  • FPGA Chip: Altera Cyclone II, EP2C5T144C8N
  • FPGA chip has 4068 logic elements
  • Multiple 4k RAM blocks giving a total of 119,898 bits
  • 13 multipliers
  • Two PLLs
  • 89 I/Os
  • Maximum clock frequency is 300 MHz
  • FPGA Core Voltage : 1.2V
  • FPGA IO voltage : 3.3V
  • Configuration EEPROM chip: 4Mbit EPCS4
  • Oscillator Frequency: 50MHz
  • Size : 6 (cm) * 8 (cm)


Please note

Depending on your design, FPGAs can consume a large amount of power. If you have a complex design it may exceed the capabilities of the on-board regulators. In this case you should power the development board via the power header pins.


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Package includes

  • 1 x ALTERA EP2C5T144






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