Makey Makey Touch Key USB Shield v3.1 - Arduino Compatible

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Touch key USB shields with Touch as input method, which adopts double contact of the Touch switch, will Touch the client and server-side derivation, connected to two electrodes Touch, Touch two pole, because of the human body resistance, the Touch between the electrodes is, to some extent, current flows through the size can be detected by measuring the current Touch events. Makey's virtual keyboard is also use this method.


  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Interface: USB male


Quick Start Guide of Touch Key USB Shield

1.  Copy the test library (“USBKeyBoard“) to “libraries” under Arduino.


2. Open Arduino IDE, click “File->Examples->USBKeyBoard->Touch_Key”:


3.  Now we open a simple test code. The next step is to compile and download to Arduino:




  • Please note that this item does not come with an Arduino (you'll need one to use with the shield).
  • The shield now comes with all the components soldered on and tested and have headers installed.

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