9-in-1 Multi-function Module Expansion Shield - Arduino Compatible

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Multi-purpose Shield V1 is a learning board based on Arduino. No need for soldering and connection. Download directly the program to complete the experiment. It is multi-purpose and You can use them directly. There are extended ports on the shield to help you to complete another experiment.



  • Compatible with main controllers such as UNO R3 and MEGA2560.
  • 2 LED indicators to show the program status.
  • 2 switches for external interrupt experiments.
  • Reset button
  • DHT11 sensor for measuring temperature and humidity.
  • Potentiometer for analog input
  • Passive buzzer for alarm.
  • 3-color RGB LED
  • Photocell to detect the brightness of the light
  • LM35D temperature sensor
  • Infrared receiver
  • 2digital pins(D7 and D8)
  • 1 analog pin(A3)
  • One IIC interface
  • One TTL serial pin


Package included

  • 1 x Arduino 9IN1 Multifunction Arduino Shield




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