ATTINY167 General Purpose Micro USB Development Board (Digispark Compatible)

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This Micro USB Digispark compatible developing board is an Attiny167 Pro based microcontroller, board similar to the Arduino line, only smaller, and a bit less powerful. With a whole host of shields to extend its functionality and the ability to use the familiar Arduino IDE is a great way to jump into electronics, or perfect for when an Arduino boards is too big or too much.



  • Compatible with Arduino IDE (OSX/Win/Linux)
  • Fully signed drivers and executable for easy installation
  • USB programming
  • USB device emulation
  • USB-CDC virtual serial port emulation
  • 16 Mhz AVR MCU - using a true 16Mhz precision crystal
  • 16KB Flash Memory (14.5K+ after bootloader)
  • Serial over USB debugging and communication!
  • 14 i/o Pins (2 shared with USB)
  • I2C, true SPI, UART, LIN, and USI
  • ADC on 10 pins
  • 3 PWM Channels (which can be assigned to a selection of pins)
  • Power via USB, or External Source - 5v or 6-16v (automatic selection)  
  • On-board button that can be used as a reset, program, or user button - or can be disabled to use that pin as general i/o - without changing the bootloader
  • On-board 500ma 5V regulator
  • Power LED and Test/Status LED (on Pin 1) 
  • User accessible solder jumpers to disable LEDs, and other features for lower power consumption
  • Two mounting holes
  • Breadboard compatible pin out/spacing (the three side header pins are only for legacy shield support)


Package Include

1 x Attiny167 Board

3 x Pin Headers



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