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Interface Description:

1 The power supply can use Micro-USB mobile phone charger, 3.7-4.2V lithium battery, 3.7-24V DC power supply, any one of the three can be selected.

2 Short-circuit the "on / off contact" for 2 seconds to set the on / off of the decoder board. For battery-powered situations, shutting down when not in use saves power and facilitates modification.




After the power is turned on, the blue indicator light flashes quickly and enters Bluetooth mode; after the "beep tone" is broadcast, it enters pairing mode and waits for pairing; the mobile phone Bluetooth finds "XY-WRBT" (power amplifier board device name), click "XY-WRBT" Connect, play the “prompt tone” after the connection is successful, the indicator light is on, you can play mobile phone music, the indicator light flashes slowly when playing music; after the Bluetooth is disconnected, the power amplifier board is ready for the next pairing, and enter the “prompt tone” after entering Pairing mode is waiting for pairing.


Precautions for using 3.7V lithium battery

1 When the battery is used for power supply, the decoder board automatically shuts down when the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V. After re-powering or fully charging, short-circuit the on / off contact for 2 seconds to start up.

2 When using battery power, if the battery voltage is too low, there may be "sizzling" noise. In this case, the battery needs to be charged.

3 Since there is no lithium battery charging protection circuit on the decoder board, it is recommended to use a lithium battery with a protection board.

4 If your rechargeable battery supports Micro USB direct charging, you can use Micro USB to charge the battery directly.



Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3mm different.

Due to different displays and different lighting, the image may not reflect the actual colors of the project.

Thank you for your understanding.


When purchasing electronic components, please have certain electronic basic knowledge of the module. Most modules only provide descriptions or send materials. There is no technical consulting support. Please be careful to shoot for beginners.

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