CP2102 USB to UART

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These CP2102 doesn’t require any external oscillator, it has an on-board voltage regulator, and it even uses a reprogrammable internal EEPROM for the device description. The full hardware UART has flow control for baud rates from 300bps to 921600bps. This breakout also allows you to connect the TX/RX pins of your favorite microcontroller or serial application to the RX/TX pins of the breakout, creating a simple serial cable replacement.



  • The standard input MICRO USB cable connected to the computer USB interface, with 3.3V and 5V two power output
  • With a resettable fuse. In the event of accidental short-circuit can effectively protect your device and computer USB port to download
  • Onboard status indicators, receiving indicator properly installed drive status indicator remains, send and receive indicator flashes when the communication with run LED indicator.
  • Supports baud rates from 300bps ~ 1Mbps between
  • The communication format support: (1) data bits 5, 6, 7, 8. (2) support 1.5, 2 stop bits. (3) odd, even, mark, space, none parity
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP / 98, Mac OS-X / OS-9, Linux
  • USB seat MICRO MINI-USB interface block
  • With DTR trigger signal output can be directly Arduino pro mini ATMEGA328P and other Arduino board download traffic.



  • Embedded USB transceiver, no external circuit device
  • Containing clock circuit, no external circuit device
  • Contains power-on reset circuit The on-chip voltage regulator within the 3.3V output
  • Meet the USB2.0 specification requirements
  • SUSPEND pins support USB suspend state
  • Asynchronous serial data bus compatible with all handshakes and modulation controller interface signals
  • Support data format is 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and the parity bit
  • Connotation 512 byte receive buffer and 512 bytes transmit buffer
  • Supports hardware or X-ON / X-OFF Handshake
  • Module size: 15.7mm * 21.2mm super small.



  • 3V3: Output 3.3v Power
  • DTR: Burn Arduino pro mini, etc., when the board to provide a reset timing
  • RXD: Data receive pins, usually connected TXD other modules. TLL level, can not be directly connected to RS232 level
  • TXD: Data transmit pin, usually followed by RXD other modules. TLL level, can not be directly connected to RS232 level
  • GND: ground
  • +5V: 5v power output (max 500mA)



Package Included

  • 1pcs CP2102 USB to TTL 6pin
  • 5 Female-Female cables

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