Bridge Rectifier Diode (25-Amp) D25XB Single Phase

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A bridge rectifier is an arrangement of four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration which provides the same output polarity for either input polarity. It is used for converting an alternating current (AC) input into a direct current (DC) output. A bridge rectifier provides full-wave rectification from a two-wire AC input, therefore resulting in lower weight and cost when compared to a rectifier with a 3-wire input from a transformer with a center-tapped secondary winding.



  • Voltage: 800v
  • Current: 25A
  • Forward Voltage(VF): 1.05V @ 12.5A
  • Reverse Voltage(IR): 10uA @ 12.5A
  • No. of Phases: Single
  • No. of Pins:4
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +150 °C



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