Siemens GSM Modem TC-35

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GSM/ GPRS modem has become popular in embedded system as it provides long distance and remote control and monitor solution. Though it is not designed for real time application, but many system does not require real time update. GSM solution is widely being used in home security, automotive anti-theft system, laboratory access and monitor, etc. Just imaging it.


This GSM development board come with SIEMENS TC35 GSM module, plug the fundamental component to use it. Proper voltage regulator, connector and interface. All you need is SIM card (with credit) and power it up. You are ready to send and receive SMS. It also come with RS232 interface (DB9) and UART TTL port. Connection to compuiter COM port should be less than 1 minute if you have the serial cable ready.



  • Common applications are (sending/receiving) SMS control, phone calls.



  • 7 - 12VDC single supply input, standard DC jack.
  • Supporting both English and Chinese SMS data communication.
  • Supporting 900/1800/1900 MHz Tri-band.
  • Status lights indication.
  • Onboard buzzer and LED for "Incoming call" indicator.
  • Supporting AT Command Set.
  • RS232 (DB9) and UART TTL (2.65V) ready serial port interface.
  • The SIEMENS TC35 Module is AT Command - controlled gsm modem, via Serial Port (RS232/TTL communication).
  • Program source code would be provided so that buyers can use the module easily and get familiar with the module quickly.


Package Include

1 x Siemens GSM TC35 Module


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