Color Recognition Sensor Module TCS230

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Color Sensor TCS3200 (also known as GY-31)


The TCS230 is a color light-to-frequency converter on single CMOS integrated circuit. The output is a square wave(50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity (irradiance). The full-scale output frequency can be scaled by one of three preset values via two control input pins. Output enable (OE) places the output in the high-impedance state for multiple-unit sharing of a microcontroller input.

Library example code includes:

  • Simple blocking read from the sensor
  • Simple RGB non-blocking read
  • Example incorporating sensor calibration
  • Color learning and matching


  • The TCS3200 is TCS230 upgraded version better
  • Power supply DC 3v - 5v
  • Resistance to light interference
  • White LED can be controlled on, off.
  • Can detect non-luminous object color
  • Best detection distance 1cm
  • Chip pins all has drawn for standard 100. Put the needle (2.54 mm).
  • Mil-convenient for bitmap board.
  • Programmable color and full-scale output frequency.
  • Communicate directly with a microcontroller.
  • Low-profile surface mount package.

Item size: 31*23*10mm
Net weight: 5g



A PDF file in the library folder explains the use of sensor with the library.

This library has a dependency on the FreqCount library for frequency counting (included in the download). Please read the setup information in the FreqCount header file or its distribution website, as the type of Arduino that you are running will determine which pin should be used for connecting to the sensor's output pin

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