RFID Card 125 kHz MANGO w/ Unique ID

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This is a high-quality Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card. Hold it up against our RFID Modules, or any 125kHz Module, and you will get a 32-bit ID, which is unique to each card. These are great for keeping track of employees hours, allowing access to areas, and other uses that you can imagine for these customizable cards.



  • Pre-programmed with unique 10-digit ID number in each card (This RFID card is read only and not rewritable)
    • Compatible with all ID door access devices or ID reader
    • Contactless transmission of data and supply energy
    • Ideal for use in ID and access control
  • Operation Frequency: 125KHz
  • Standard: EM4100 compatible
  • Size: 85 x 54mm (Same size as credit card)
  • Material: PVC
  • Blank White Card

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