RFID Reader 125Khz (USB) M1

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  • No driver is require in Windows
  • Act as a keyboard
  • Compatible Cards/Tags 0, eg EM4001 / EM4100
  • Read first 10 digits of the RFID/Proximity card.
  • Not compatible MAC System
  • Not Support HID Card



  • Frequency: 125KHz
  • Reading distance: 3 - 8 cm
  • Communication speed: 106Kbit/s
  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Working Current: 100mA
  • Output format: default 2H+4H; Output format changetable by software
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 7.8 x 2.8 cm


Operation Instructions

  1. Connect the usb cable with the card reader to the computer USB port.
  2. The reader will 'drip' sound and flash about that power successfully, and then half a second after the 'drip' sound and flash about that device self-test successfully, without install any drivers, windows will automatically recognize it.
  3. Open a notepad or any input bar and the card number will appear.


Package included

1 x USB interface RFID card reader
1 x mini USB cable


Q & A

Q: Since this is a Keyboard Emulator, will this work with Ubuntu/linux?

A: Yes, this device will work with any Linux system that has USB HID drivers installed. These drivers are normally installed by default. The device worked perfectly with my Arch Linux/KDE system.


Q: When I use the product to scan RFID tags I am obtaining a 4 byte number such as 21401160. Does anyone know how this maps to the 7 byte UIDs tags have?

A: It's quite easy and I stumbled upon it. There is a disk that ships with the reader and has a program called demo.exe Run that and it will give you various options to choose for formatting the read. The very first one is a radio button titled "10 no in D(four byte). Select it and go down and click set. That's it. It now reads a standard MiFare 10 digit code the same as my access control system. It will be very helpful for enrolling batches of cards for users at a very reasonable price.


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