• Power Cord Extension C19 to C20, 1.8-Meter

Power Cord Extension C19 to C20, 1.8-Meter

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C20-to-C19 Power Cable for Network Devices That Require a Heavy-Gauge Connection

This heavy-duty extension cord features 14 AWG wire suitable for high power connections, making it a reliable solution for large server applications that require a higher-rated, heavier-gauge cable. This cord can be used to connect a server, router, network switch or blade server enclosure to a UPS system or PDU or replace or upgrade the standard power cord provided by the device’s manufacturer. The length helps reduce cable clutter and minimize the risk of tripping.



  • Recommended for powering servers, routers and other high-output network devices
  • 1.8 meters length allows flexibility in placing devices, while avoiding cable clutter
  • C20 to C19 cord replaces or upgrades standard power cord provided by manufacturer
  • Thick 14 AWG wire gauge manages high power levels required for larger equipment



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