Voltage / Current Alarm Measurement Module, up-to 36V - INA226

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The INA226 is a current shunt and power monitor with an I2C interface.
The device monitors both a shunt voltage drop and bus supply voltage.



  • High-side or low-side sensing
  • Reports current, voltage, and power
  • Accuracy
    • 0.1% gain error(max)
    • 10uV offset(max)
  • Configurable averaging options
  • 12 programmable addresses



  • Sensing voltage range: 0V ~ 36V DC (bus supply voltage)
  • Working voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Shunt: 0.1Ohm, 81.92mV



  • INA226 Breakout
  • 10-pin pin header



The Connections

Arduino library reference SV-Zanshin/INA




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