DC Generator / Motor 370 12VDC High-Torque, Low-Current, Low-Noise

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This is a medium speed, low current, high torque DC motor, rated for 12 Volts DC.

This small electric motor can be used for toys, hobbies, science and technology experiments, robots, automation and many more. It has two electrical contacts in the back that may be used to plug a connector or simply attach a wire with or without soldering. The shaft is 2mm in diameter and about 10mm in length.



Electronic toys motors, Hobby motors, technology education kits and projects.


Solar Motor

Because of very low current requirement, RF370 motors can easily operate with small batteries and solar panels. Quiet and smooth operation of this motor makes it a perfect choice for indoor and long hours of operation.



  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 7 - 16VDC
  • Generate Output: 0.6W / 50mA
  • (No load) Rated Speed: 3,050RPM @ Rated Voltage
  • (No load) Torque: 16.6g / cm
  • (No load) Current: 0.015A
  • (Max) Loaded Current: 0.59 A
  • (Max) Rated Speed: 2,620 RPM @ Rated Voltage
  • (Stall) Tourque: 106g / cm, 10.4mN / m
  • (Stall) Current: 0.32 A
  • Body Size: 24.3mm x 30.8mm x 20mm
  • Shaft Size: 15mm x 2mm diameter
  • Weight: 52 grams



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