Robotics & Motors

Stepper Motor 17HS Hybrid Series 2-Phase 4-Wire
Stepper Motor 28BYJ [5v / 12v] 4-Phase 5-Wire
Stepper Motor Driver - Single Axis (Peak 3A)  TB6560
Universal Coupling for 8mm Shaft
Universal Coupling [3mm-6mm]

Universal Coupling [3mm-6mm]



Water Pump 1206 Diaphragm up-to 4L/Min (DC12V) 45W
Water Pump 385 Diaphragm up-to 2.0L/Min (DC12V)
Water Pump 521 Diaphragm up-to 3.5L/Min (DC12V) 2A
Water Pump Mini up-to 1.6L/Min (DC3-5V)
Water Pump Submersible 200L/H (DC5.5-12V) DC1020
Water Pump Submersible 500L/H (DC6-12V) DC808
Yahboom 4WD for UNO (un-assembled)

Yahboom 4WD for UNO (un-assembled)



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