RS232 to RS422 Communication Data Converter Adapter UT-202 w/ Terminal Board

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The UT-202 is an industrial grade high-quality port powered or external powered bi-directional RS232 to RS422 converter with 15KV ESD and 600W surge protection in a 9-pin format. This converter is either port powered or 5V external 5V powered. This converter is ideal if you do not know if port power will work in your application. The separate optional terminal block is included with purchase. Operates reliably from 300 to 115.2K bps.


  • Plug-and-Play (Hot-pluggable)
  • Port Powered - No External Power Needed


  • Interface: EIA/TIA RS232 Standard and RS422 Standard ‚Äč
  • Transmission Rate: 300-115200bps 
  • Transmission Distance: 1200m(RS422), 5m(RS232) 
  • Working Environment: 0-70 degree (HB-422) Relative Humidity: 5%-95% 
  • Dimension: 63mm x 33mm x 17mm



  • Signals: RS-232: DCD(1), RXD(2),TXD(3),DTR(4), 5GND(5), DSR(6), RTS(7), CTS(8),RI(9)
  • DB9 Male connector: D-/B(1), D+/A(2), ---(3), ---(4), GND(5), + 5v~ + 12v(6), ---(7), ---(8), ---(9)
  • RS-425 terminal board: D+/A(1), D-/B(2), GND(3), + 5v~ + 12v(4)

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