• MQ Gas Sensor Socket

MQ Gas Sensor Socket

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Female Socket: MQ Style socket, perfect for MQ3, MQ2, MQ4 and many other MQ compatible sensors.
Male board termination: The socket terminates in male legs that do not match the locations of the MQ package, but snap in place in a custom PCB.

How this socket is used:

This socket is primarily mean’t for use in custom board designs, and when a board needs to be used for a long enough time that there is a risk of the gas sensor going bad or getting damaged before the end of the boards lifetime. Using this MQ Socket makes it much less likely that a board would be un-repairable since it makes exchanging or removing an MQ sensor from your design a breeze.

If you choose to directly solder an MQ sensor into your projects you risk having to replace the entire board if there is a failure, or if the MQ sensor sustains any damage during operation or transportation. For many applications there is little risk of these problems, but the more complicated your design, the more likely you will need a socket to improve your overall design stability, and maintainability.

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