Amplifier Module LM358, Gain up-to 100 times

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This amplifier module is based on the LM358 operational amplifier which is a high-gain, frequency compensated operational amplifier designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. It is used in conventional operational amplifier circuits that need to be operated from a single power rail.



  • On-board LM358 chip
  • Adjustable gain up to 100x
  • On-board 10K adjustable resistor for gain adjustment
  • On-board power indicator
  • Power drain suitable for battery operation
  • Chip has been drawn out to the main pins for direct input and output of signals



  • Working Voltage Range: 5 V to 12 VDC
  • Large DC voltage gain: 100 dB
  • Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1 MHz (temperature compensated)
  • Board Size: 32.7 x 13.3 mm

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