Audio Amplifier Module LM386 Mono Single Channel, Gain up-to 200 times

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The LM386 Audio Amplifier Module is a mono audio amplifier based on the LM386 chip. An ideal for hobbyists because it can save much time and money if you were to buy and build it using discrete components. Just simply connect a 4-8 Ohm speaker will amplify the input sound and suitable for other musical projects too.



  • On-board LM386 Chip
  • 20 times gain circuit design
  • On-board speaker wiring connection terminal block
  • On-board volume control 10K variable resistor
  • On-board power indicator light
  • Directly input audio signal
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi & Arduino



  • Operating voltage: 5 ~ 12V DC
  • Current: 4mA
  • Typical output: 325mW @ 6V; 500mW @ 9V;
  • Signal Gain 200 (multiplier)
  • Size: 41 x13 mm



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