Voice Record & Playback Module ISD1820 (Up to 10s) w/ Speaker

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This module board is based on ISD18B20, which is a single-chip single-message record/playback device. Recordings are stored into on-chip non-volatile memory, providing zero-power message storage. With the embedded Flash memory employed, data retention up to 100 years and typical 100,000 erase/record cycles can be reached. Time for recording is 10 seconds.



  • Embedded microphone
  • Support 3 playing mode: Loop, select and one-time
  • Automatic power-down mode
  • On-chip 8Ω speaker driver
  • Signal 3V Power Supply
  • Can be controlled both manually or by MCU
  • Sample rate and duration changable by replacing a single resistor
  • Record up to 10 seconds of voice
  • 8 ohm 0.5W speaker included
  • Arduino Compatible



  • Operating voltage: 3V - 5V DC
  • Dimensions: 38 x 42.5 mm


 Record Operate Guide

1. Push REC button then the RECLED(D1) will light and keep push until record end.

2. Release the REC button.

3. Select Playback mode:

-> PLAYE, just need push one time, and will playback all of the record or power down.

-> PLAYL, you need always push this button until you want to stop playback record or end.

-> REPEAT, switch 5 to right side, and the record will playback time a time until switch to light or power down.

4. FT mode, when you switch 6 to right side, that means all of you speak to MIC will direct playback from Speaker. 



Speaker Outputs – The SP+ and SP- pins provide direct drive for loudspeakers with impedances as low as 8Ω.

MIC – Microphone Input, the microphone input transfers its signals to the on-chip preamplifier.


VCC  3.3V power supply

GND Power ground

FT – Feed Through, active-HIGH: This mode allows use of the speaker drivers for external signals.To operate this mode, the control pins REC, PLAYE and PLAYL are held LOW at Vss. The pin FT is held HIGH to Vcc. For normal operation of record, play and power down, the FT pin is held at Vss. The FT pin has a weak pull-down to Vss. 

P-L – Playback, active-HIGH, Level-activated: When this input pin level transits for LOW to HIGH, a playback cycle is initiated.

P-E – Playback, active-HIGH, Edge-activated: When a HIGH going transition is detected on continues until an End-of-Message (EOM) marker is encountered or the end of the memory space is reached.

REC – The REC input is an active-HIGH record signal.The device records whenever REC is HIGH. This pin must remain HIGH for the duration of the recording. REC takes precedence over either playback(PLAYL or PLAYE) signal.



Connect ISD1820 module to Arduino

The ISD1820 Voice Module should be connected to Uno board as follows:

  • Vcc to 5V
  • Gnd to Gnd
  • Rec to digital pin 11
  • P-E to digital pin 13

After making the connections,upload the program given below to the Uno board. As soon as the code has been uploaded to the board the user need to record the voice as per their desire which was indicated by the led present in the voice module.

Here the duration for recording is 10 seconds. After a second the recorded voice will be played as an output. Then the process goes on like a loop. The user can change the time for record and play mode as per their wish.

int Rec = 11;
int Play = 13;

void setup(){ 
   pinMode(Rec, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(Play, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
   digitalWrite(Rec, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(Rec, LOW);
   digitalWrite(Play, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(Play, LOW);


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