Humidity Resistor Sensor HR202L

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HR202 humidity resistance is the use of organic polymer materials of a new humidity sensor, humidity sensing range, stable performance, long-term to use, it can be applied to warehousing, cars, indoor air quality control, building automation, medical, industrial control systems and wide range of applications such as scientific research.



  • Ultra-small size
  • Excellent linearity
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide measurement range
  • Quick response
  • High stability
  • High performance



  • Supply Voltage: AC 1.5V Max
  • Rated Power: 0.2mW
  • Operating Humidity: 20-95% RH
  • Measuring Accuracy: ±5%
  • Operating Frequency: 500Hz ~2kHz
  • Central value: 31kΩ (at 25Celsius, 1kHz ,1V AC, 60%RH)
  • Impedance range: 19.8 - 50.2kΩ (at 25Celsius, 1kHz ,1V AC, 60%RH)
  • Response time: <10s

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