Push Button LA38 - Latching w/ AC220V Light [Red/Green/Yellow]

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  • Product Code: LA38-Latching-AC220V
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  • DPST (Double Pole Single Throw)
  • Normally Open and a normally closed contact
  • AC 220V Indicator Light



  • Light Indicator: Yes (AC220V)
  • Switch Ratings for AC supply: Max 380VAC, 50Hz
  • Switch Ratings for DC supply: Max 220/240VDC
  • Thermal Current: 10A
  • Contact Resistance: less than 5 ohms
  • Insulation Resistance: More than 10 Mega ohms
  • Contact times: 500,000 times
  • Two contacts available: Normally Open and a normally closed contact
  • Light terminal: Two
  • Hole Diameter: 22mm
  • IP65 Water & Dirt Resistance
  • Size: 16.5 x 15mm (D*T)




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