Temperature Sensor Module LM75

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The LM75 temperature sensor includes a delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter, and a digital overtemperature detector. The host can query the LM75 through its I²C interface to read temperature at any time. The open-drain overtemperature output (OS) sinks current when the programmable temperature limit is exceeded.

The OS output operates in either of two modes, comparator or interrupt. The host controls the temperature at which the alarm is asserted (TOS) and the hysteresis temperature below which the alarm condition is not valid (THYST).



  • I2C bus interface, the device address 7 slave address 1001xxx, can expand external eight devices on the same bus
  • Power range: 2.8V ~ 5.5V, temperature range: -55~+125'C
  • 11bit ADC provides a temperature resolution of 0.125'C
  • Temperature accuracy: ±2'C(-25~100'C), ±3 ?(-55~125'C)
  • Programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis set points
  • In order to reduce power consumption, the current consumption in shutdown mode is only 1.0uA
  • On power-up the device can be used as a stand-alone temperature controller



  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC to 5V DC
  • Output Current: 15mA
  • Output Type: Digital (HIGH OR LOW)
  • PCB Size: 32 x 14mm
  • Temperature Range: 20°C - 80°C

Package Include

  • 1x LM393 Thermal Sensor Module



The Sketch

Reference: https://github.com/jlz3008/lm75

#include <inttypes.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <lm75.h>
TempI2C_LM75 termo = TempI2C_LM75(0x48,TempI2C_LM75::nine_bits);
void setup()
Serial.print("Actual temp ");
Serial.println(" oC");
void loop()
Serial.println(" oC");


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