USBISP Programmer for AVR ATMEL S51 (USBASP)

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  • Product Code: USBISP
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  • Supports S51 and the AVR chips
  • Fast and stable Standard IDC 10PIN interface
  • On-board ATMega8 (L)
  • With power and programming indicator light
  • On-board overcurrent protection, 20 ohm isolation resistors and resettable fuse for short-circuit prevention
  • Support 5V power supply
List of Supported

51 Series

AT89S51   AT89S52


AVR Series

AT90can128   AT90can32   AT90can64   AT90pwm2   AT90pwm3   AT90s1200   AT90s2313   AT90s2323   AT90s2343   AT90s4414   AT90S8515 AT90S8535   AT90usb1286   AT90usb1287

Atmega103   Atmega128   Atmega1280   Atmega1281   Atmega16   Atmega161   Atmega162   Atmega163   Atmega164   Atmega165   Atmega168 Atmega169   Atmega2560   Atmega2561   Atmega32   Atmega323   Atmega324   Atmega325   Atmega3250   Atmega3259   Atmega329   Atmega3290 Atmega406   Atmega48   Atmega64   Atmega640   Atmega644   Atmega645   Atmega6450   Atmega649   Atmega6490   Atmega8   Atmega8515   Atmega8535   Atmega88

Attiny11   Attiny12   Attiny13   Attiny15   Attiny22   Attiny2313   Attiny24

Attiny25   Attiny26   Attiny261   Attiny28   Attiny44   Attiny45   Attiny46

Attiny461   Attiny84   Attiny85   Attiny861



Package Included

1 x USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer Adapter

1 x IDC10 core cable 10 (about 75CM long)







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