USB Host Shield 2.0 - Arduino Compatible

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  1. Achieving the Arduino USB Host function , can communicate and support USB HUB function.
  2. Work with standard (Dual 5 / 3.3V) and 3.3V-only (for example, Arduino Pro) boards.
  3. The following device classes are currently supported by the shield:
    • HID devices, such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc.
    • game controllers - Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox360
    • USB to serial converters - FTDI, PL-2303, ACM, as well as certain cell phones and GPS receivers
    • ADK-capable Android phones and tables
    • Digital cameras - Canon EOS, Powershot, Nikon DSLRs and P&S, as well as generic PTP
    • Mass storage devices, such as USB sticks, memory card readers, external hard drives
    • Bluetooth dongles
    • ... support for more devices is currently in development.
  4. Support the Google Android ADK, support Android phone: G1, Nexus One, Nexus S, Motorola Droid X (Mobile systems need to upgrade to Android 2.3.4, tablet PCs need to upgrade to Android 3.1)
  5. Provides APK package, and compiled source files ADK Compatible with Arduino.
  6. Compatible with following hardware:
    Arduino Uno 328
    Arduino Diecimila / Duemilanove 328
    Arduino Mega 2560(recommended)
    Arduino Mega 1280



  • Please note that this item does not come with an Arduino (you'll need one to use with the shield).
  • The shield now comes with all the components soldered on and tested and have headers installed.

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