24V 1A 24W Isolated Switch Power Supply Module

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There is no direct electrical connection between the input circuit and the output circiut of the isolated switch power supply module. The input and output are insulated with a high resistance state, no current circuit, and the input high voltage and output low voltage are isolated. At the same time, it has protection measures such as temperature protection, over-current overload protection, and short circuit protection. AC110-265V wide voltage input, stable output corresponds to DC continuous voltage, low output ripple, high reliability, and good safety.


The power adapter module is isolated and non-isolated. This link is a non-isolated power module. There is a direct current loop between input and output, which is generally common between input and output. The protection measures are few, and safety is relatively poor. When using, the output should be careful not to short circuit or reverse connection. It has the characteristics of a simple structure, small size, low price, strong anti-interference, high efficiency, high-cost performance, low working temperature, long service life, etc.



  • Power adapter
  • Security equipment
  • LCD
  • LED Lamps
  • Communication equipment
  • Audio-visual products
  • Digital products
  • Electronic organ
  • Game machine
  • Small TV 
  • Medical and health equipment


NOTE: Pay attention to the selection of power supply. Follow the selection of power supply whose voltage is consistent and whose current is equal to or higher than the current required by the electrical appliance.



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