Power Supply Board 220VAC To 5VDC 5V 1A

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1. Efficient and stable: AC-DC switching power supply module ensures stable and efficient operation of the power supply, so that users do not need to worry about power supply problems.
2. Wide compatibility: This module is widely used in various electronic devices, such as computers, TVs, game consoles, etc., greatly increasing its application scope.
3. Lightweight and convenient: AC-DC switching power supply module is small in size, light in weight, easy to install and use, and is very suitable for home and commercial use.
4. Durability and reliability: Due to the use of high-quality materials and advanced design, AC-DC switching power supply modules have high durability and reliability.
5. High energy efficiency: AC-DC switching power supply module has extremely high power conversion rate, is economical and energy-saving, and conforms to the energy-saving concept of modern life.


Material: metal
Size:As shown in the picture
Color:As shown in the picture
Package Includes:1pc


Please allow slip errors due to manual measurement.
Colors may vary slightly for different monitors.

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