10A DC 3-18V Dual-Channel H-bridge DC Motor Drive Module PWM Adust Speed Dimming

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Product Feature:
1: Two motors can be controlled independently, each of which can output current 10A with a peak value of 15A.
2: Wide power supply range 3-18V, wide signal power supply range 3-18V, 3.3V, 5V level and power supply voltage can be used as control signals
3: Low-voltage low-resistance MOS tube is used, which can support low-voltage and high-current, which is very suitable for model competitions.
4: Widely used
5: The operation is simple and easy to understand, with detailed introduction on the details page.


Product parameter:
1. Dual-channel H-bridge motor drive, which can drive two DC motors or a 4-wire two-phase stepper motor at the same time, or the load can be grounded at one end to control four channels;
â’‰Module power supply voltage: 3V-18VDC;
3. Power supply range of signal terminal: 3V-18VDC;
4. Single-channel working current is 10A, peak current is 15A, and it is recommended to enhance heat dissipation when current is above 8A;
5. Support PWM frequency range: O-2KHz
6. Support duty cycle range: 0-100%
7. Mounting hole diameter: 3 mm.
8. Size approx: 49*39*14mm 9. Weight approx: 28g


01. The motor stops first and then reverses
When the motor is commutation, the motor needs to stop or brake. The recommended time is greater than 0.5 seconds, otherwise the instantaneous current of the immediate commutation may burn the module;
02. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles
Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply in reverse, otherwise it will burn. Do not connect the power supply to the motor interface.
03. The frequency should not be too high
In order to improve the effective work efficiency, a small DC motor generally uses 400HZ. The maximum PWM frequency is recommended to be within 2KHZ. If the frequency is too high, the module will easily generate heat.


Package list:
1*Motor drive module







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