12V-24V Stepper Motor Driver Controller PWM Pulse Signal Generator Speed Control

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This is a pulse generation module, it supplies the control signal to the controller step by step. To control the stepper motor, it must be equipped with a driver; that is, you need the following components as a minimum: this controller (comes to replace the microcontroller, for example Arduino), it also needs a stepper driver and of course, the stepper motor.

This controller has three frequency modes; High mode goes from 5.4KHz to 160KHz, Medium mode goes from 540Hz to 16.6KHz and Low mode goes from 80Hz to 2.4KHz. It also has three PWM modes; High mode goes from 7.4 KHz to 11KHz, Medium mode goes from 780Hz to 1.2KHz and Low mode goes from 100Hz to 160KHz.


Different stepping motor driver different port sign, but same function

  • EN=ENA=FREE Enable
  • PUL=PULS=CLK Pulse
  • DIR=CW=CWW Direction

Common anode connection (connect with B)

  • EN+ PUL+ DIR+ all link together to common anode port
  • EN- connect to EN
  • PUL- connect to CLK
  • DIR- connect to DIR

Common cathode connection (connect with B)

  • EN- PUL- DIR- all link together to common cathode port
  • EN+ connect to EN
  • PUL+ connect to CLK
  • DIR+ connect to DIR




  • This module is a pulse generating module, which supplies as a signal for stepper drivers. To control the stepper motor, it must be equipped with the driver.
  • Easy controller + stepper driver + stepper motor + DC power composed a simple control platform.
  • The controller consists of 3 kinds of frequency signal, including 5.4k-160khz, 540-16.6khz, 80-2.4khz, which can be chose by skipping stitch.
  • Support generating a pulse and PWM signal ,support skipping stitch choice.
  • Frequency measurement: the two ports of PUL and common-cathode (or common anode) can be measured.



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