QQ Online Trading Banking Details and How To Make a Payment To QQ Online Trading

  Payment options  

IMPORTANT: when depositing money into the QQ Online Trading account, please ensure that the reference number is clearly indicated, to enable QQ Online Trading to allocate the funds to the relevant Customer Account.

The following payment options exist:

  • Any Maybank
    • You need to quote your order code
    • The deposited amount will be reflected within one hour of being deposited
  • Any other bank
    • Allow 2-3 days for funds to be allocated. Customers are strongly advised to deposit money at an Maybank bank as it ensures that the deposited money is reflected in the customer's account within an hour.
    • Customers need to enquire from their Financial Institutions on special clearance fee to enable the deposits to reflect within an hour of being deposited.
  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the correct bank account and customer code reference number is used when depositing money.

Account Name:QQ Online Trading
Account Number
Branch Name:Maybank Jalan Pudu