3.5" TFT LCD Non-Touch-Screen (ILI9486) Arduino MEGA Shield Compatible

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  • Compatible with MEGA



  • Screen Size: 3.5(inch)
  • Display Color: RGB 65K color
  • Type: TFT
  • Driver IC: ILI9486
  • Touch: No
  • Resolution: 480*320 (Pixel)
  • Module Interface: 16-bit parallel interface
  • Backlight: 6 HighLight white LEDs
  • Operating Voltage: 5V/3.3V
  • Power Consumption: TBD
  • Active Area: 48.96x73.44 (mm)
  • Module PCB Size: 60.30x96.60 (mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -30℃~70℃
  • Weight: about 49(g)


Package Includes

  • 1 x Screen Module



Number Module Pin Pin Description Number Module Pin Pin Description
1 5V Positive power supply 2 5V Positive power supply
3 DB8 8th bit of data bus 4 DB9 9th bit of data bus
5 DB10 10th bit of data bus 6 DB11 11th bit of data bus
7 DB12 12th bit of data bus 8 DB13 13th bit of data bus
9 DB14 14th bit of data bus 10 DB15 15th bit of data bus
11 DB7 7th bit of data bus 12 DB6 6th bit of data bus
13 DB5 5th bit of data bus 14 DB4 4th bit of data bus
15 DB3 third bit of data bus 16 DB2 2nd bit of data bus
17 DB1 1st bit of data bus 18 DB0 0 bit of data bus
19 RS LCD register / data selection signal

Low level: register, high level: command

20 WR LCD write control signal
21 CS LCD screen select control signal, low level enable 22 RST LCD reset control signal, low reset
23 NC Undefined, reserved 24 NC Undefined, reserved
25 NC Undefined, reserved 26 F_CS SPI flash chip select control signal
27 NC Undefined, reserved 28 NC Undefined, reserved
29 NC Undefined, reserved 30 NC Undefined, reserved
31 MISO SPI bus input signal 32 MOSI SPI bus output signal
33 CLK SPI bus clock signal 34 SD_CS SD card select control signal, low level enable
35 GND Power ground 36 GND Power ground


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