Electromyography Sensor (EMG) v3.0 Muscle Activity Monitor Kit

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Measuring muscle activity by detecting its electric potential, referred to as electromyography (EMG), has traditionally been used for medical research. However, with the advent of ever shrinking yet more powerful microcontrollers and integrated circuits, EMG circuits and sensors have found their way into all kinds of control systems.

This sensor will measure the filtered and rectified electrical activity of a muscle; outputting 0-Vs Volts depending the amount of activity in the selected muscle, where Vs signifies the voltage of the power source. It’s that easy: stick on a few electrodes, read the voltage out and flex some muscles!

This kit comes with everything you need to start sensing muscle activity with your Arduino or controller of choice.



  • Video games
  • Robots
  • Medical Devices
  • Wearable/Mobile Electronics
  • Powered Exoskeleton suits



  • Small Form Factor
  • Specially Designed For Microcontrollers
  • Adjustable Gain
  • 3.5mm Connector
  • Breadboard Compatible
  • Power supply voltage: Min. 3.5V


Packing List

1 x Muscle Sensor Board
1 x EMG connecting cable (65cm)
3 x Surface electrodes





Caution: This product needs a positive and negative reference voltage. Two power supplies are required. The sensor has a maximum operating voltage of ±18 V; however, we recommend using no higher than ±9 V in series to minimize the risk of electric shock. In our experience, supplying ±3.7 V is more than enough to get good performance from the sensor.



1) Connect the power supply (two 9V batteries)

a. Connect the positive terminal of the first 9V battery to the +Vs pin on your sensor.

b. Connect the negative terminal of the first 9V battery to the positive terminal of the second 9V battery. Then connect to the GND pin on your sensor.

c. Connect the negative terminal of the second 9V battery to the –Vs pin of your sensor.

2) Connect the electrodes

a. After determining which muscle group you want to target (e.g. bicep, forearm, calf), clean the skin thoroughly.

b. Place one electrode in the middle of the muscle body, connect this electrode to the RED Cable’s snap connector.

c. Place a second electrode at one end of the muscle body, connect this electrode to the Blue Cable’s snap connector.

d. Place a third electrode on a bony or non‐muscular part of your body near the targeted muscle, connect this electrode to the Black Cable’s snap connector.

3) Connect to a Microcontroller (e.g. Arduino)

a. Connect the SIG pin of your sensor to an analog pin on the Arduino (e.g. A0)

b. Connect the GND pin of your sensor to a GND pin on the Arduino.


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