Wee Serial WiFi Module ESP8266 w/ Bee Interface

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Wee is a WIFI module based on ESP8266 SoC. ESP8266 comes out of nowhere and has been taking by storm the IoT world. You can find many hacking projects about it on the internet. So far, the most popular ESP8266 breakout version only has GPIO0 and GPIO2 routed to the header. Compared to it, Wee WIFI module is designed with a standard Bee interface and has more GPIOs available for developers. In a word, users can take full use of the utility of ESP8266 SoC by using Wee WIFI module in your projects.



  • Standard Bee interface
  • Indicators Light: TX, RX, PWR
  • FW/Work Switch
  • More GPIOs help developer take full use of the utility of ESP8266 SoC



  • Interface: Bee interface
  • Indicators: PWR, TX, RX
  • Working Voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Current: 215mA
  • PCB Size: 23.9 x 26.2 x 1.6mm




Characteristics Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Power supply voltage VDD 3 3.3 3.5 V
High input voltage VIH 0.8XVDD - VDD V
Low input voltage VIL 0 - 0.2XVDD V
Operation current for VDD IDD - - 215 mA



Work / FW Switch

When program firmware into ESP8266, you should ensure the switch is in FW mode.
For the normal usage of this module, you should ensure the switch is in work mode. 


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