Servo Motor Tester [Manual, Neutral and Auto Mode]

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It will allow you to connect 1-3 servos simultaneously and test each one for as consistency compared to the others.
You can also connect 1-3 ESC's ( Electronic Speed Controllers) to test and compare their reaction time respectively.

It can also connect to the servo of Model aircraft, very hand for installing and testing Nose wheel steering, and adjusting the aircraft flying surfaces such as ailerons, rudder and elevators by using the neutral mode, never having to turn on the Transmitter.


  • Voltage Input: 4.8 ~ 6V DC
  • Output: ≤15mA (5.0)
  • Output signal: 1.5ms±0.5ms
  • Product size: 44 x 30 x 23mm
  • Product weight: 5g


Test Modes

Manual mode: turn the knob with different speed, check the reaction time.
Neutral mode: makes the servo go back to the neutral point.
Automatic mode: "window wiper" makes the servo swing back and forth to both ends of the servos max throw.


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