TP5100 Li-ion / 18650 4.2V(1-Cells) / 8.4V(2-Cells) Battery Charger Protection PCB Board (up-to 2-Amps Peak Current)

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TP5100 is a Lithium battery management chip. It is capable of charging a single lithium-ion cell or two lithium-ion cells wired in series at the same time. It is designed for a double 8.4V / 4.2V single lithium-ion battery.

This Li-ion Battery charging module comes in a small package making it ideal for portable devices. It has an in-built input overcurrent, under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, battery temperature monitoring, and reverse battery protection.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dual-cell 8.4V/Single-cell 4.2V
  • Input voltage: 5V-15V DC 
  • Switching frequency: 400kHz
  • Red LED: Charging indicator
  • Blue LED: Full charge/ No battery indicator
  • Both Red/Blue LED off: VIN very low/High-temperature shutdown
  • No need for external anti-backflow Schottky diode
  • Onboard solder jumper to set 1S/2S mode
  • Option for an external bicolor LED



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