4-Digit 7-Segment Display Module TM1637

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With this 4 digit Seven segment display module, you can easily add a 4 number LED readout to your projects. Useful for making a clock, timer, temperature readout, etc. Just connect 2 pins to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other microcontroller and control all of the LEDs serially!

Save tons of wiring space and have a lovely display that even includes the ':' between the numbers for a clock readout. Lights up red!



  • Serial 4 Digit Display Module
  • Uses just 2 pins to communicate with your microcontroller
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
  • Color: Red
  • 4 M2 Mounting Holes for easy mounting in your projects
  • 4 Seven Segment Displays with the : in between
  • LED color: Red
  • Driver Chipset: TM1637



  • GND: 0V
  • VCC: 5V or 3.3V
  • DIO: Data Input (from microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi)
  • CLK: Clock signal (from microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi)


Arduino Sketch

You can download the sketch from here: TM1637_4_Digit_Display_Basics.ino

/* TM1637_4_Digit_Display_Basics.ino
The purpose of this sketch is to provide the basic
structure for using the TM1637 based 4-Digit Displays
like the Grove 4 digit display or other equivalents
available through the likes of www.dx.com. 

This makes use of the TM1637Display library developed by avishorp.

This has been developed to run on any Arduino.

Pin assignments are:
CLK - D9
DIO - D8
5V or 3.3V supply to Display
GND to Display

The operation is very simple.  The sketch initialises the display
and then steps through the loop incrementing the value of a
variable which is then displayed on the 4-Digit display.
Essentially it is the most basic function you would want from
such a display.  If you want more sophisticated functionality
then use the example that ships with the library.


#include <TM1637Display.h>

const int CLK = 9; //Set the CLK pin connection to the display
const int DIO = 8; //Set the DIO pin connection to the display

int NumStep = 0;  //Variable to interate

TM1637Display display(CLK, DIO);  //set up the 4-Digit Display.

void setup()
  display.setBrightness(0x0a);  //set the diplay to maximum brightness

void loop()
  for(NumStep = 0; NumStep < 9999; NumStep++)  //Interrate NumStep
    display.showNumberDec(NumStep); //Display the Variable value;
    delay(500);  //A half second delay between steps.

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