PM-AC500V50A - 500V 50A With Current Transformer

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Current measurement range: 0-50A

The smallest measurable current value is 0.3A



Digital AC Voltmeter Ammeter is used to display measured AC voltage and AC current on the same meter. Widely used in the field of power distribution automation, such as voltage stabilizers, educational equipment, home appliance maintenance, plug-in boards, small household distribution boxes, stage audio, timing devices, etc.



Product model: AC50-500V

Product Name: AC Current Voltmeter

Display mode: LED

Update speed: 50 meters per second

Measurement error: ±1%

Product size: 48*29*22mm (subject to the actual product)

Lead length: about 18cm


The package includes:

  1. Voltmeter AC Ammeter


    Transformers come in blue and black, and we'll send the colors randomly.

    When using this product, please make sure that your power supply is standard sine wave, otherwise it will be affected!


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