• Arduino Premium Kit Set (UNO R3)

Arduino Premium Kit Set (UNO R3)

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  • Product Code: Arduino Premium Kit Set
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Box Contains

  1. UNO R3 development board x1
  2. Type-A to Type-B USB cable for UNO x1
  3. Red LED 5mm x5
  4. Green LED 5mm x5
  5. Yellow LED 5mm x5
  6. Vibration Sensor x2
  7. Flame Sensor x1
  8. LM35 temperature sensor x1
  9. Photoresistor x3
  10. Tactile switch x4
  11. Tactile switch cap x 4
  12. Variable Resistor 10K x1
  13. Piezo Buzzer x1
  14. Active Buzzer 5v x1
  15. Large Breadboard x1
  16. IR Infrared Remote Control x 1
  17. IR Infrared receiver x1
  18. LCD 16x02 Screen x1
  19. Jumper Wire Male-Female 20cm 10-pin x1
  20. Jumper Wire Male-Male (Round) x30
  21. One-digit 7-segment x1
  22. Four-digit 7-segment x1
  23. 8x8 Dot Matrix x1
  24. IC - 74HC595 x1
  25. 9V Battery Snap with DC Plug x1
  26. Resistor 1/4W 1% (220R) x5
  27. Resistor 1/4W 1% (1K) x5
  28. Resistor 1/4W 1% (10K) x5
  29. 40-pin Pin Header 2.54mm x1
  30. Servo Motor SG90 x1
  31. Stepper Motor 28BYJ 5v x1
  32. Stepper Motor Driver Module ULN2003 x1​​
  33. RFID Mifare RC522 Card Reader Module (13.56MHz) x1​
  34. RFID Mifare Card x1​
  35. RFID Mifare Keychain Tag x1
  36. Real Time Clock & Calendar Module DS1302 x1​
  37. Joystick Module XYZ-axis x1​
  38. 1-Channel Relay Module DC5V​ x1
  39. Sound Detector Sensor Module Digital Output w/ Amplifier LM386​ x1
  40. Water Level Brick Sensor Analog High Sensitivity x1​
  41. Humidity & Temperature Basic Sensor Module DHT11 x1​
  42. Keypad 4x4 16 Tactile Switch Module x1​
  43. RGB LED Module x1






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