GT2 Belt (2mm Pitch) 6mm Width [Various Length] - Closed Loop

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Timing belts are a fantastic way to transfer rotational motion (from a stepper motor) into linear motion (along a rail) and these GT2 belts are excellent for the task. They have a special profile with rounded teeth which reduces slippage. Often used for precision 3D printers and CNC machines.

Belting is sold in fixed lengths.

This belting is meant to be used in conjunction with a timing-belt pulley such as this parts.



  • 2mm pitch
  • 6mm width
  • Black in color
  • Material is Neoprene (for quiet operation)
  • Reinforcing Cords are Fiberglass (belting can be easily cut with regular scissors)





Fit the following pulley:

Belt Pulley GT2 Aluminum 16-Tooth for 6mm-Belt

Looking for Custom Length ?

GT2 Belt (2mm Pitch) 6mm Width
 - Open Ended Custom Length

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