• [Combo] Basic 2-Wheel Smart Car Set (Un-assembled)

[Combo] Basic 2-Wheel Smart Car Set (Un-assembled)

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* This is a un-assembled kit set & no coding is provided.



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Q & A

What is SMD UNO in the options?

Features of SMD

  • More budget friendly
  • Extra solder point for each i/o

This board are having the exact​ same funtions besides it used a CH340G USB-Controller rather than ATmega16 like regular UNO.
They are recognized on Linux without any additional drivers. Mac OS and Windows users may need to install an additional driver.


What is L298 & L293 Motor Driver in the options?

  L293P L298N
Drive up to four (4) DC Motor up to two (2) DC Motor
Current max. 600mA max. 2000mA
Form Plug on top of the Arduino UNO Stand Alone
Features No-hassle on jumper wire from Arduino to driver  


What is “Assemble & solder” in the options?

We help you to assemble the car and solder the wire from motor and connect it to the motor driver.


What is “Include jumper wire” in the options?

We’ll manage to pack you what necessary wire (with connector) for your package, such as male-male, female-male or female-female wire.


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