DC Solenoid Electromagnet - Door Lock Type 12VDC

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12V Solenoid lock are basically electromagnets: they are made of a big coil of copper wire with an armature (a slug of metal) in the middle. When the coil is energized, the slug is pulled into the center of the coil. This makes the solenoid able to pull from one end.

This solenoid lock in particular is nice and strong, and has a slug with a slanted cut and a good mounting bracket. It’s basically an electronic lock, designed for a basic cabinet or safe or door. Normally the lock is active so you can’t open the door because the solenoid slug is in the way. It does not use any power in this state. When 9-12VDC is applied, the slug pulls in so it doesn’t stick out anymore and the door can be opened.

The solenoid lock come with the slanted slug as shown above, but you can open it with the two Phillips-head screws and turn it around so its rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees so that it matches the door you want to use it with.

To drive a solenoid lock with an Arduino you will need a relay module fairly good power supply, as a lot of current will rush into the solenoid to charge up the electro-magnet, at least 800mA, and don’t try to power it with a 9V battery!



  • Pull push type, linear motion, plunger return, DC solenoid electromagnet
  • Solenoidoid Electromagnet mainly used in vending machines, transport equipment, office facility  household appliance, mechanical, etc
  • Solenoids of this category work externally through
  • When energized, doing work through pulling pushing in plunger joined object



  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
  • Working Voltage: DC 9 – 12V
  • Type: Pull when power (Suggest not to on less than 15s)
  • Rated Current: 800mA
  • Body Size: 54 x 38 x 27mm (L*W*T)
  • Plunger Expose: 10 x 10mm
  • Mounting Hole Dia.: 3mm
  • Cable Length: 35cm
  • Weight: 120g


Package Content

1 x DC Solenoid Electromagnet



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