• E.Cap 47uF Aluminum [ 16V ~ 50V ] - Electrolytic Capacitor

E.Cap 47uF Aluminum [ 16V ~ 50V ] - Electrolytic Capacitor

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This is a 47uF capacitor, they can be used with various DC voltage from 16V up to 50V (Optional).  They have a tolerance of ±20% and long flexible pins that make them great for perf or breadboards. Remember that electrolytic capacitors are good for low-frequency filtering (~1KHz or less), for higher frequency, pair up with a ceramic capacitor



  • Capacitance: 47uF
  • Capacitance Tolerance: ±20%
  • Capacitor Terminals: Radial Leaded
  • Pitch: 2.5mm
  • Number Leads/Terminals: 2
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +105°C
  • Size: N/A (Vary by voltage, usually the lower the voltage the smaller the size)



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