• Multi-layer C.cap [ 10pF ~ 1uF ] 50v Non-Polarized DIP - Ceramic Capacitors MLCC

Multi-layer C.cap [ 10pF ~ 1uF ] 50v Non-Polarized DIP - Ceramic Capacitors MLCC

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Ceramic capacitors use ceramic materials as dielectric and metallic materials as electrodes. Ceramic multilayer capacitors have multiple (typically 500 or more) alternating ceramic and metallic layers.



  • Breadboard compatible
  • 50V max voltage
  • Long Life
  • Very Compact Size
  • Easy Mounting
  • Non-Polarized



  • Tolerance: ±10%
  • Max voltage: 50V
  • Lead(pin) spacing: 5.08mm
  • Size: 5.08 x 13mm


To use this table, just read across. For example, 1uF is same 1,000nF or 1,000,000pF.

Model pF/ MMFD nF uF/ MFD
10 10pF 0.010nF 0.00010uF
12 12pF 0.012nF 0.00012uF
15 15pF 0.015nF 0.00015uF
18 18pF 0.018nF 0.00018uF
20 20pF 0.020nF 0.00020uF
22 22pF 0.022nF 0.00022uF
27 27pF 0.027nF 0.00027uF
30 30pF 0.030nF 0.00030uF
33 33pF 0.033nF 0.00033uF
39 39pF 0.039nF 0.00039uF
47 42pF 0.042nF 0.00042uF
68 68pF 0.068nF 0.00068uF
82 82pF 0.082nF 0.00082uF
101 100pF 0.10nF 0.00010uF
151 150pF 0.15nF 0.00015uF
221 220pF 0.22nF 0.00022uF
271 270pF 0.27nF 0.00027uF
331 330pF 0.33nF 0.00033uF
471 470pF 0.47nF 0.00047uF
821 820pF 0.82nF 0.00082uF
102 1000pF 1.0nF 0.0010uF
222 2200pF 2.2nF 0.0022uF
272 2700pF 2.7nF 0.0027uF
332 3300pF 3.3nF 0.0033uF
392 3900pF 3.9nF 0.0039uF
472 4700pF 4.7nF 0.0047uF
103 10000pF 10nF 0.010uF
123 12000pF 12nF 0.012uF
153 15000pF 15nF 0.015uF
203 20000pF 20nF 0.020uF
223 22000pF 22nF 0.022uF
333 33000pF 33nF 0.033uF
393 39000pF 39nF 0.039uF
473 47000pF 47nF 0.047uF
104 100000pF 100nF 0.10uF
224 220000pF 220nF 0.22uF
334 330000pF 330nF 0.33uF
474 470000pF 470nF 0.47uF
105 1000000pF 1000nF 1uF


As any engineer will tell you, 0.1uF ceramic capacitors (104) are the magic fairy dust of electronics - sprinkle them over your circuit schematics for good luck! But seriously, a 0.1uF capacitor right next to the VCC pin of your chips will improve stability by filtering out power supply spikes and noise that can cause flaky behavior.

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