Bridge Rectifier Diode (35-Amp) KBPC3510 Solid State

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The KBPC3510 is a single-phase Bridge Rectifier with plated Faston lugs terminals and through-hole mounting for #10 screw. The bridge rectifier features electrically isolated metal case for maximum heat dissipation case. Polarity marked on the case.



  • Low reverse leakage current
  • Low power loss
  • High efficiency
  • Through Hole with #10 Screw Mounting



  • Bridge Type: Single Phase
  • Diode Type: Bridge Rectifier
  • Peak Average Forward Current: 35.0 A
  • Peak Forward Voltage: 1.1 V
  • Peak Non Repetitive Forward Surge Current: 400 A
  • Peak Reverse Current: 10 μA
  • Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage:  1000 V
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole
  • Pin Count: 4
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +125 °C
  • Dimensions: 28.8 x 28.8 x 11.23mm



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