• Fuse 25mm (1") Fast Blow,  13A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse

Fuse 25mm (1") Fast Blow, 13A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse

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Fuse to BS1362

This range of fuses from Cooper Bussmann are fast acting with high rapture capacity. They are suitable for various different uses, providing reliable performance and cost-effective circuit protection. They are ideal for use in plugs to protect cables from melting or catching fire if they are overloaded.

Why choose a ceramic fuse?
Ceramic fuses, in comparison to glass fuses, often have a higher current capacity. Ceramic fuses are popular in household applications, such as appliances. These fuses are opaque and often contain sand which is use to prevent a conductive film from forming on the fuse. Glass fuses are often the most reliable option.

What size is it?
This range of fuses are 6.3 x 25, meaning they are 25mm long and 6.3mm in diameter.

What Speed is it?
These fuses are “F” speed rated, which is short for Fast Acting. This is also known as fast blow and is popular in general purpose applications. They are designed not to handle current spikes over the rated current.



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