• NTC Thermistor, Glass Encapsulated

NTC Thermistor, Glass Encapsulated

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Thermistor is an electronic component used to calculate the temperature.This is a type of resistor whose resistance varies with change in temperature.

Axial Glass NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor is transition metal oxide material made semiconductor ceramic NTC Thermistor chip hermetically sealed in a DO35 glass shell, with axial tinned Dumet wire, for temperature sensing measurement detection, indicator, monitoring, gauging, control, calibration and compensation upto 260° centigrade.



  • Ideal for Temperature measurement and control circuit in the equipment for industrial and agricultural
    such as instrument and coils, automobile circuit, integrated circuit module, transistor amplifying circuit, quartz crystal oscillator and thermo-couple



  • Glass body DO35 package provides hermetic seal & voltage insulation, can operate in high temperature and moisture environment
  • Small dimension, solid, convenient for automatic installation
  • Fast heat induction, high sensitivity
  • Tight tolerance on resistance and beta value



  • Tolerance: 5% precision
  • Operating temperature -40C to +250C.
  • Dissipation factor: ≥2.0 mW/C in still air
  • Thermal time constant: ≤12 seconds in still air
  • Lead Diameter: 0.5mm
  • Body Size: 2mm x 3.6mm (D*L)
  • Total Length: 60.4mm



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