• 1/0.5 Wire Cable - Single-Core

1/0.5 Wire Cable - Single-Core

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  • Product Code: 1/0.5 Wire Cable - Single-Core
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  • Jumper wire



  • Not an ideal for soldering compared to multi-core wire (17 / 7)
  • Ideal for low voltage cable installations
  • It is a flexible cable with a durable PVC protective sheath and copper conductors
  • Available in multiple colours, ideal for colour-coding cable installations
  • The cable offers good insulation due to the PVC insulation material and installation is easy and efficient



  • Cable Type: Single-Core
  • Core Strands: 1/0.5 mm
  • Outside diameter: 1.5mm
  • Conductor area: 0.16mm2
  • Temperature rating: -15ºC to +85°C
  • Conductor Material: Annealed Copper




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