4 Degrees-of-Freedom Robotic Arm Kit w/ Gripper & 4 Servo Motors (Fully Assembled)

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4 DOF Aluminum Robot Arm Kit is a robotic arm system that has four degrees of freedom and a gripper to manipulate objects in the environment. The servo motors that control the arm links are included in the pack. To start using the robotic arm, The only thing you have to do is to use a microcontroller system like Arduino and write a program that controls the servo motors.

The mechanic links of the robotic arm is built using hard aluminum brackets in different shapes. It is pretty easy to connect servo motors and brackets together to build the robotic arm. The only tool you have to use to assemble the robotic arm is a Philips screwdriver which can be found in every house. A detailed tutorial describing the assembly process of 4 DOF Aluminum Robot Arm Kit can be found in the documents section.



  • Robotic arm platform with 4 degrees of freedom
  • Mechanic structure built by hard aluminum brackets
  • Servo motors are included
  • Fully assembled


Package includes

  • 1x Aluminum gripper
  • 4x MG995 servo motor
  • 3x Hard aluminum multi-function bracket
  • 3x Hard aluminum U-shaped bracket
  • 3x Hard aluminum U-shaped long bracket
  • 1x Hard aluminum L-shaped bracket
  • 3x Hard aluminum U-shaped Beam bracket
  • 3x Servo hub

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