Infrared Distance Measuring Proximity Sensor 100 -500cm - SHARP GP2Y0A710K0F

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This extra-long-range SHARP distance sensor bounces IR off objects to determine how far away they are. It returns an analog voltage that can be used to determine how close the nearest object is. Comes with 6" long 6-JST interface wire. These sensors are good for detection between 100cm-500cm (1-5 meters / 3-15 feet). The long range makes them a good alternative to sonar sensors.

Please note: the wire colorings are not intuitive! Watch out before wiring! The datasheet has wiring details. Connect the two outer ground wires both to ground, the two 'VCC' wires both to 5VDC power, and read the analog signal from the Vo wire. The analog voltage out will range from 3V when an object is about 100cm away and 1.4V when the object is 500cm away. For a full graph, showing the distance to analog range, check the datasheet below.

These sensors tend to be a little noisy, we suggest soldering/connecting the included 220uF capacitor to the same place you connect the wires, to provide some filtering on the power supply. Connect the + pin of the capacitor to the Vcc wire connection, and the - pin of the capacitor to the GND wire connection.



  • Infrared rangefinder: 4cm to 30cm (1.5" to 12").
  • Analog Interface
  • External control circuit is unnecessary
  • Japanese Solderless Terminal (JST) Connector



  • Measuring distance range Min 100 to Max 550 cm
  • Operating supply voltage 4.5 to 5.5 V
  • Output terminal voltage: -0.3 to Vcc + 0.3
  • Storage Temperature: -40C to + 70 C
  • Average supply current: Min-0, Typ-30, Max-50
  • Large format: 58.0×17.6×22.5 mm
  • Part number of connector on sensor: B5B-ZR
  • Part number recommended for connecting: 05ZR-3H-P


Connect Sharp Infrared Distance Measurement to Arduino

Arduino sketch:
created  by  lisper (
function	test GP2Y0A41SK0F
//connect gp2d120x to A0

#define pin A0

void setup(){
        Serial.begin (9600);
        pinMode(pin, INPUT);

void loop(){
        uint16_t value = analogRead (pin);
        double distance = get_IR (value);  //Convert the analog voltage to the distance
        Serial.println (value);  //Print the data to the arduino serial monitor
        Serial.print (distance);
        Serial.println (" cm");
        Serial.println ();
        delay (500);   //Delay 0.5s

//return distance (cm)
double get_IR(uint16_t value){
        if (value < 16)  value = 16;
        return 2076.0 / (value - 11.0);

View the result in serial monitor.

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