Microwave Radar Motion Sensor RCWL-0516

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RCWL-0516 is a microwave motion sensor module which used the technology from Doppler Radar, with features of high sensitivity, long distance detecting, stability, large induction angle, wide working voltage and so on.



  • Human detection as a trigger switch
  • Security alarm systems



  • With Penetration detection capability, which not available from PIR sensor
  • Detection distance adjustable
  • Chipset: RCWL-9196
  • Working Voltage: 4.0V – 28.0V DC
  • Current: 30mA (Idle); 100mA(Working)
  • Working Distance: 5-7 Meters
  • Output voltage: 3.3V


Additional setting

  • C-TM
    Adjust repeat trigger time, default 2s;
    Add on a capacitor will make repeat trigger time longer and actual counting trigger time as below:
      Solder a capacitor between C-TM, test 9196 3-pin frequency(f), repeat trigger time T=(1/f)*32768
  • R-GN
    Detection distance adjustment, default 7 meters;
    Add on a resistor and detection distance will become shorter;
    If connect with 1M ohm resistor, detection distance is 5m
  • R-CDS
    Internal VCC parallel connect with internal 1M ohm resistor to CDS pin (9196’s pin-9) by R-CDS ,CDS connects with photoresistor, or you may disable detection function by timer (eg: night time)



  • Not to put any metal in front of the sensor
  • * 1CM spacing is required in front and behind the sensor
  • Not to use multiple microwave sensor at close range, suggest 1 meter distance between each sensor


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